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CIRCULAR ECONOMY HUB Collaboration agreements



INEC. National Institute for the Circular Economy, France

In April 2019, the Gipuzkoa Climate Change Foundation, Naturklima, and the French National Institute for the Circular Economy (INEC), signed a collaboration agreement to jointly develop European Projects on the circular economy and present joint submissions for European calls for financing.

This 3-year agreement marks a further step in Naturklima's goal of providing the Gipuzkoan recycling industry with access to the European funds contained in the circular economy package. The agreement also covers support from the INEC in defining Naturklima's strategy on the circular economy, formation of joint work groups and exchange of information on best practice. It also targets the development and introduction of start-ups to implement circular economy business projects that can be replicated at a local level.

Collaboration with the INEC brings important support for Naturklima's circular economy department, whose mission is to develop and promote projects in collaboration with agents from the province, particularly with the GK Recycling Cluster.

The Institut National de l'Économie Circulaire was founded in 2013 by François-Michel Lambert, member of the National Assembly for Bouches-du-Rhône. The INEC's mission is to promote the circular economy and accelerate its development through a dynamic of collaboration. The organisation comprises over 200 public and private member organisations, including companies, federations, communities, institutions, associations, NGOs and universities. The diversity of its members affords it a holistic overview of the circular economy that takes into account economic, social and environmental issues. (More information)