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Climate change is a global challenge which compels us to approach European bodies that have been working on the issue for years. These are a chance to learn and take action. They can help us gain access to other sources of finance as an alternative to territorial or national options, and join the kind of projects that can be of valuable assistance to us. This is what is known as synergy and collaboration.

There are projects in different areas, and programmes are increasingly being extended to different kinds of organisations, as they are aware of the role they are playing and the added value they can contribute in various courses of action.



As part of the European Commission's LIFE Programme, this is the largest climate action project to date in the Basque Country, and over the next five years it will define the roadmap for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, among other.

Naturklima is working on actions related to developing capabilities aimed at different audiences, including Basque society itself, in collaboration with the main agents of knowledge on the subject in the Basque Country. The Naturklima Observatory itself and its line of work on the Circular Economy will be key pieces in generating knowledge and the actions to be deployed.

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