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ENERGY TRANSITION HUB Partnerships for the energy transition



International Renewable Energy Agency

La International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) es una organización intergubernamental para la promoción de la energía renovable en todo el mundo, creada por Alemania, España y Dinamarca.

European Energy Research Alliance

The aim of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) is to accelerate the development of new energy technologies through cooperation in pan-European programmes. It includes over 175 research organisations from 27 countries over 250 research organisations from 30 countries, which participate in 17 joint programmes. It plays an important role in promoting coordination amongst energy researchers with the objectives set out in the SET-Plan and in transferring technology to industry.

European Technology and Innovation Platforms

The European Technology and Innovation Platforms (ETIP) were created to support implementation of the SET (Strategic Energy Technology) Plan bringing together EU member states, the industry and researchers in key areas. They promote market adoption of key energy technologies by sharing financing, skills and research facilities.