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ENERGY TRANSITION HUB Useful tools for organisations


An organisation's carbon footprint. Scope 1+2

Tool developed by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition. This calculator allows organisations to make a simple estimate of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their business, including both direct emissions and indirect emissions from power consumption. It does not include a calculation of Scope 3 emissions.

It also allows them to calculate emissions reductions from implementing a specific improvement plan and comparisons of emissions from different years. It shows a series of emission ratios which can be used to establish orders of magnitude and help to interpret the results.

More information

Guide on Best Practice in Business CO2 Management

The guide drawn up by Endesa and the Club de Excelencia en Sostenibilidad argues that it is essential to determine the carbon footprint (i.e. the GHG emissions) of each activity in the organisation. It therefore offers a series of guidelines for calculating and managing corporate carbon footprint. Large and small companies alike can find specific ways of reducing their emissions.

Guide on Best Practice in Business CO2 Management (PDF)